Sunday, March 07, 2004

This site gives me the creeps. Be sure to scroll down to the part about the Atheist Goat.

Purim has not gotten off to a good start. First, I gave up my chance to go to Ari and Sarah Beth's seudah, in order to make sure I was in Jerusalem on time for the Megillah reading and "Purim Shpiel" at Yakar. When I got there . . .

a) There were not enough seats, so I stood up for the whole reading. I've been having back pain lately, so this was not a good situation. And

b) There was no shpiel this year!

I was very disappointed. However, you know what they say . . . v'nahafoch hu! . . . So I have better hopes for tomorrow.

Happy Purim to one and all.

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