Thursday, September 15, 2005

Birthday Update

It was a nice day. My best-friend-foreva, Yael, gave me a much-need TUPPERWARE QUICK CHEF!!! In which I can CHOP and even MINCE vegetables in the blink of an eye!!!! We tested it on an onion and the thing was in a million little pieces WITH NO TEARS in about 7 seconds! Thanks Yael!

Yael also took me out for dinner, which was very nice.

Thanks to Asher for offering to give me his old AM/FM radio/cassette player. Can't wait to use it!

Thanks to my reader, Jett, whom I don't know but he's sending me a present so I'm excited!

Thanks to Avi B., who didn't realize it was my birthday week, but yesterday came over to drop off a CD with the old Muppets Star Wars Special on it. Thanks Avi!

Thanks to the friends who sent me e-cards. So fun!

Thanks to the friends who called to wish me a happy birthday. I appreciate that you thought of me.

Listen, if no one is going to buy me that *NSYNC album, I might just get it for myself. ("It's tearin' up my heart when I'm with you! But when we are apart I feel it toooooooo. And no matter what I do I feel the paaaaaaiiiiiiin, with or withOUT you . . . . ")

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