Monday, October 16, 2006


The bad news: I am still sick. 80 percent better, but not entirely there yet. Still very tired and cant bring myself to eat normal food. I can basically function but will all of a sudden get a blinding headache, and my eyes are killing me. I have a (second) appointment with a doctor tomorrow. Seriously, this bug is a triple whammy. Its miserable. And, just so you know, spending Simchat Torah in bed with a fever and chills is not fun. Not fun at all.

(Also there are no apostrophes in this post because Blogger is annoying and opens the "find" bar everytime I hit the apostrophe.)

The good news: 13 people have said that they are coming to the "Understanding Yourself and Others" course in Jerusalem in November, which Im organizing, of whom 4 have completely registered and 2 found out about it from this very blog! Just 3 posts below, you guys! Come one come all! (If you live in Israel.) There is space left for 9 more people! Contact me at chayyeisarah at yahoo dot com if you want more information.

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