Sunday, January 14, 2007

Status Report

UYO: With 5 and a half weeks 'til the next course, we have filled 19 20 of the 24 spaces for students, and are discussing the waiting list that it seems we will surely need, as more than an additional 5 4 people have indicated a desire to attend. We've tentatively scheduled the next two courses as well; details TBA.

My health: Fever's mostly down. Nausea not completely gone, but more under control. Coughing is still very much a problem. Yesterday my friend Gila came to visit. Like an angel she sat and talked to me, made havdala for me, and washed my dishes and took out my garbage and swept my floor and folded the laundry that had been taking up all the space in my kitchen since Tuesday. Wow. Thank you, Gila.

Today I went to the doctor by myself. She said I do not have pneumonia, prescribed Mucolit for the cough, and said to rest and drink plenty of fluids. If one more person tells me to drink lots of fluids I will strangle them.

Bottom line: I'm mostly better, but coughing all day is very tiring.

That book I wanted: Remember I said I wanted to read A Confederacy of Dunces? Well, Rachel M., she of the generous spirit, amazing library, and impeccable taste in all things Talbots, loaned me her copy. I could not get into it. I tried. At around page 40 I said "I will read this until page 100, and if I am still not immersed in this story, I will give up." At page 105 I gave up. Did I understand the humor? I think so. Sometimes. Was it enough to keep me going for another 200 pages? No. Sorry, mother of John Kennedy Toole. (Thanks to Rachel, who happens to be Gila's roommate, also for driving over cough medicine before Shabbat, along with flowers from the third amazing roommate, Estee. Pink roses. Awwww.

That big project I was working on: I don't know if I ever mentioned I was working on a big project. It was BIG. One of those "this will only take you a few days" projects which got bigger and BIGGER and BIGGER per requests of the client. Thank God, I was charging by the hour. Anyway, I can now bill for 60 hours of work. The last time I spent 60 hours researching and writing for one project was in the spring of 2001, for a grad school class. Maybe this project is why I got sick, ya think?

People helping me: So, speaking of things getting out of my control (but in a good way) and people helping me (always great), comes along this development, the new non-profit organization by fellow blogger (and friend) Beth. The mission of her new organization is to "help individuals and groups discover their personal gifts and commit to using those gifts in service of the Jewish people." And guess what program is the FIRST for which she is fundraising? Yup. You got it.

For the past five years, I have been a grant liaison helping non-profit organizations in Israel and the US develop their programs and effectively work with US based foundations. In this capacity, I have raised and reported on over $3,000,000 in programs.

As of Sunday, I have begun the process to officially begin my own non-profit organization in Israel. It is called Tafkid and its mission is to help individuals and groups discover their personal gifts and commit to using those gifts in service of the Jewish people.

My vehicle for doing this, at this point, is the UYO course that I took in November. As such, I am fundraising to subsidize the course for participants in Israel. When I raise $12,000 the course scheduled for February 21 will take place. After that, I’m shooting for 1 million dollars to transform Israel!

It is ironic that I ask people for money to support other people’s dreams every day. Somehow asking to support my dream is much harder. I’m practicing. So why not use my very own blog as a way to help support my dream.

So… if you would like to help me build ahavas yisrael and bring the redemption please send me an e-mail at and I will let you know how you can make a donation in Israel or a tax deductible donation in the US.

Here are some ways you can help…

¨ $12,000 Sponsors the entire course

¨ $3,000 Sponsors an instructor

¨ $2,000 Sponsors one day of the class

¨ $533 Sponsors a student

¨ $100 Sponsors a segment of the class

¨ $50 Sponsors books for students

Any help is appreciated.

If you would like further information (or just to give me some encouragement in this endeavor, drop me a line)

Beth, thank you so much for supporting my dream! I'm so glad I've provided a way for you to fulfill yours.

If anyone out there is interested in helping fund the "after the Jewish people comes the rest of the world" piece of my dream - or wants to know what that means to me - drop me a line.

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