Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hello, hello

And welcome to the Sarah show.

Since I last blogged, several things have happened:

1) This blog was nominated for a JIB Award in the category of Best Personal Blog. Thank you SO MUCH to whomever nominated me. Get out the vote!

2) I got up at 3 am to meet a friend, who was returning from a long trip in the States, at the airport. Am I a good friend, or what?

3) I've been sort of low-level sick, not really productive, sleeping odd--and long-- hours. Blah.

4) I made it a point to be on Emek Refaim Street when the Memorial Day siren went off, so I could finally see everyone standing still, getting out of their cars to stand, etc, for myself. In the past I've always been home working. Not this time! It was somber but in a funny way also reminded me of the game "Freeze," you know, where everyone is dancing to music, and when the music stops everyone must freeze in place until it goes on again. That's exactly what Emek Refaim Street looked like.

5) I agreed to babysit my friends' five-year-old daughter for three days! She's due to arrive in about 30 minutes. So, I'll be playing "single mom" for a while. Should be interesting!

6) The Jerusalem Post published several articles that I hope to comment on soon. If I become productive again.

7) I've been playing a bit with my new camera. I can set it to take black and white photos! That is so awesome!

9) One of my students said she doesn't understand why Shakespeare is considered so great. I told her a) that it is not a class requirement to enjoy Shakespeare, and that I myself did not enjoy it until deep into college, and b) why I now appreciate Shakespeare and think his work is terrific.

But I turn to you, my dear readers. Assuming that you do, in fact, enjoy reading or watching Shakespeare's plays, why do you like them? What's good or interesting about them?

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