Friday, June 08, 2007

Money Freedom(TM) and Loving Yourself and Others(TM)

What I'm Up To These Days

Amended from a post I just uploaded to the Nefesh B'Nefesh listserve:

Following the success of our two "Understanding Yourself and Others" classes, I'm happy to be able to announce the next two classes I'm organizing in
the effort, which I think we all share, to make Israel a more loving, productive, cooperative place. Both courses will take place at the Listening Hands Institute
in Maalot Daphna, Jerusalem and come with money-back guarantees.

"Loving Yourself and Others" June 27-29


"Money Freedom" July 1-2


A 2.5-day course where you can practice to:
-Stress less and be more productive
-Live in this moment joyously, even with problems
-Prevent your feelings from being hurt
-Not be annoyed or angered by others
-Stop aggravating people
-Spend more time making yourself happy
-Become better at encouraging yourself and others
-Have more command of your life
-Learn to give and get support from your family

A 2-day experiential course where you can learn to:
-become aware of your subconscious beliefs about money
-become “unstuck” in your creation of wealth
-realize the meaning and purpose of money as an avenue to help you express yourself
-support others in their process of creating wealth
-free yourself to move with ease and confidence without money stress

Organized in partnership with Global Relationship Centers, Inc.

If any of my wonderful blog readers would like more information, please write to me at chayyeisarah at yahoo dot com.

See you soon!

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