Friday, July 06, 2007

In the one minute before Shabbat . . .

I have time for a VERY quick update.

a) I just got back from a fantastic 5-day vacation at Lake Kinneret. It was a dream. I went with friends and we lounged at the women's beach (There is one near Tiberias, and it is at least as pretty as the regular beaches), rented motorboats to take out into the Lake, ate at Decks and at some bad fish restaurants, got sunburned, and had a really terrific time. Once again I stayed in "my" little cottage in the town of Yavna'el, and my friends and I had the swimming pool all to ourselves. Did I mention the bathtub jacuzzi? Like I said, a dream.

b) I attended the inaugural game of the Israel Baseball League. I've written notes to make a blog post about it but haven't gotten around to writing it out completely. More to come later. (The basics: I cheered with the Boston crowd for the Pioneers (since their 2nd baseman is a Bostonian and a fellow Maimo grad), ate burgers, got sunburned, and had a terrific time.)

c) I'm being rehired to teach again next spring in the same program in which I taught this past spring, and am already looking forward to it. We had a little "English Department" meeting (all three of us) and decided to change the curriculum. Among other works, I'm now going to be teaching Amos Oz's A Tale of Love and Darkness and a collection of short stories by Savyon Liebrecht. If anyone in the Katamon area has copies of these books I could borrow over the summer I'd appreciate it.

d) Things my shaliach never told me: Apparently, leben works wonders on sunburns.

Have a shabbat shalom.

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