Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Update

1- My nephew's surgery went fine. He is hearing and sleeping better already and is pretty much back to his usual self.

2- Grading papers is a b*tch.

3- I'm in one of those situations, familiar to freelancers, wherein I have several clients who each owe me a LOT of money, but none of it has come in yet, so as far as the bank and credit card companies are concerned, I'm destitute. I'm expecting, literally, many many thousands of shekels to come in during the next few weeks, but meanwhile I literally do not have bus money in my wallet. Crud.

4- The weather here in Jerusalem has been GORGEOUS lately. Wish you were here!

5- My roommate made chocolate-almond macaroons, held together by chocolate ganache, from scratch last night. I love my roommate!

Nothing else to report. May all those of you who celebrate Shabbat have a shalom one. :-)

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