Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Some Enchanted Evening

The other night I was walking home from Emek Refaim Street, and it was an evening of such pleasant weather that I couldn't help but drink in the just-right night air and think of spring and of romance and of happiness.

And then I immediately felt sad, because I realized that I didn't feel happy or springy. I just associated the beautiful weather with happy times, times when I'd walk home on such an evening and be happy, before ... well, before a lot of things. And it made me feel worse to know that I couldn't just be happy about the gorgeous night, that it all seems so far away from me.

So I'm embarking on a new personal-improvement project, to cultivate happiness again, to feel joy at things like balmy evenings and fun play rehearsals and creative people and good friends, to be truly happy about everything that I have, without always missing the things I don't.

This is harder than it sounds.

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