Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Israel -- and Artemis!

Today is Israel's 62nd Independence Day. I'm so grateful to have a State here which allowed me to move to Jerusalem and live in this wonderful city.

Today is also the day before Artemis' FIRST birthday! Happy birthday (tomorrow) Artemis!

I adopted Artemis when she was 9 weeks old, so it's been almost 10 months now that she's been my ba-- I mean, cat, and she's a great pet, if a bit whiny when I refuse to play mouse-on-a-stick with her. Tomorrow, for her birthday, she'll get a serving of raw chicken skin. Mm, mm, mm.

My sister asked for new pictures, so here are some I took today:

Artemis asking "Who, me?" or maybe she just spied a flying bug (which she'd never catch).

Artistic image of "Cat and Toy."

Portrait of Cat and Toy.

Lunching on kibbles.

Getting tired.

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