Sunday, March 06, 2005

The Manolo and The Miuccia and The Manolson

Manolo has posted this blog entry, with exerpts from an interview with Miuccia Prada, the world-famous designer of very beautiful and very expensive clothes and accessories. For those not in the loop, Manolo the Blogger is a very big fan of Prada's simplicity and elegance, both in her designs and in her personal style.

Amazing how two very influential people in the fashion world (yes, Manolo the Blogger very much matters; the man moves shoes) sound so very much like a Gila Manolson lecture or book. This blog entry is basically about tzniut!

I'm not going to blog at length about this because I've got other stuff I need to be doing right now. My only immediate thought is that I think there would be fewer misunderstandings about what tzniut really is if, instead of translating it as "modesty," which doesn't truly capture what it's all about, we translated it as "dignity." I think "dignity" is a more honest representation of the idea of tzniut, and more understandable to the world at large.

I've got a whole host of other things I could say about tzniut right now, both lofty and vent-y, but perhaps I should be writing articles so I can pay my bills . . . .

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