Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Home Sweet Home

So, I love my parents' new house. If you want to know why, this will give you an idea. Remember how much more real estate costs in Boston than in Cleveland . . . And also that the Boston house is a nice-enough house . . . but the new one seems like a palace!

Old House: 3 small bedrooms
New House: 4 spacious bedrooms

Old House: 1 bathroom
New House: 2.5 bathrooms

Old House: Tiny kitchen
New House: Breakfast nook (and a garbage disposal! I love that!)

Old House: No "play area" for the nephews
New House: Family room

Old House: Covered carport; car ices over
New House: 2-car garage

Old House: Beautiful front and back yards, but no convenient place for a sukkah
New House: Sun room off the family room that can be converted to a sukkah for the holiday.

Old House: Hot as heck in the summer

(I hope I didn't just ruin my parents' chances of ever selling the old one . . . it's really all about real estate values. )

The downside: Leaving everything I know in Boston. :-(

The other downside: Utter lack of decent public transportation in Cleveland. There isn't even a way to get a taxi; you have to call the day before. What is up with that?

But all in all, I'm so happy for my parents, and for me as well. Especially since now there will be no more of the "Doda will sleep on the couch" nonsense when the whole family is together. And there is central air conditioning. Thank God.

Little note about my Pesach so far: I did not bring any winter clothes, and on Saturday and Sunday it snowed nonstop. At least a foot of snow in 2 days. So I was cooped up with my parents for 3 days . . . . I love my parents a lot, but, you know . . . .

. . . though I have to say, the food my mother made was amazing. If you are going to be cooped up, having a succulent roast beef, fluffy kneidlach, and her incredible Pesach rolls around is a good way to do it. YUM.

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