Monday, December 19, 2005

Five Simple Pleasures

:: Sigh::

Another meme.

Can't live with 'em, can't ignore them.

In order to humor The Artist Formerly Known as Purple Parrot, whom I had the pleasure of meeting (again) at my Eilat trip, here are five simple pleasures. To be specific, five simple Eilat pleasures:

1. Getting into a hotel bed that is much, much softer than my bed at home, with a good Agatha Christie mystery.

2. Hotel buffet, especially the free hot chocolate!

3. Lying at the beach, doing absolutely nothing, while the sun shines on me.

4. Gorgeous view of four countries at once. Those mountains are incredible!

5. Finding two great pairs of boots, free of sales tax.

Were I not limited to "Eilat pleasures," I would add:
  • Finishing a work assignment and handing it in
  • The smell of the smoke generated when you put out a havdala candle in the wine
  • The smell of freshly dried laundry
  • Being told by an Israeli that my Hebrew is very good
  • Putting on the perfect shade of lipstick

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