Monday, September 04, 2006

Save the Lettuce

Someone-- perhaps the same someone who spray-painted radical-feminist slogans on Rachel Imeinu Street a few months ago -- recently spray-painted radical vegetarian slogans in the same spots: the wall surrounding a construction site, and the walls of the little huts at bus stations.

The graffitti said, in Hebrew,


After a few days, something along these lines also appeared on the wall

Save the animals! www.[some Hebrew word]

Well. Well, well, well.

The meat-loving populace of the German Colony was not going to let all of that go without comment. One day I saw the following scrawled on the hut at a bus stop:

Did you ever consider the feelings of your lettuce? How do you think those poor vegatables feel? They are crying in pain! Oh, God, save the carrots! Come to the aid of the radishes! www.[Hebrew word for lettuce]

But then, the vegetarian wars got nasty. The meat-eaters did this to the MEAT=MURDER graffitti:


This change was made up and down the street.

So what did the vegetarians do?


I can't wait to see what goes up next!

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