Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I know what you are thinking

You are thinking Chanukah is coming up. I wonder what I could buy for Chayyei Sarah?

Well, here are two nice ideas.

First, via Jewlicious, I have discovered the music of Brit's jazziest Jew, Amy Winehouse. She has two albums out. The newer one sounds amazing. CD's are always a great gift item.

Second, I'm interested in reading this book, based on a very enthusiastic recommendation by someone who seems to know what he's talking about. Looks like fun.

Other items I would gratefully accept: a really good digital camera, jewelry, a gift certificate to Talbots (in anticipation of my next USA trip), and, as always, a laundry dryer. At the moment I could also really use an immersion blender, but I'll probably buy one for myself this week.

Or you could make a tax-deductible donation toward supporting the next UYO-Israel course by sending a check to “American Friends of Holistic Healing,” noting that the donation is for UYO, and mailing it to American Friends of Holistic Healing, 10 Harvard Street, Reading, MA 01867.

Happy Chanukah to all my dear readers!

PS Happy birthday to my wonderful nephew Ilan, who turned NINE years old yesterday!

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