Friday, August 03, 2007

Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm responds to Noah Feldman

. . . in The Forward. Here's the link.

Yes, I'm well aware that lately my blog has been all-Feldman, all the time.

As a former math teacher (at Maimonides) once said, "when Sarah takes umbrage, she takes it to Burma." Feldman's article struck a personal note with me because I'm not only Modern Orthodox, I also attended the very school which he complains about. It's a small school, and I, personally, never had any problems with it other than the enormous workload and extremely high academic standards - the same standards that helped catapault Feldman to Harvard and Oxford and NYU and back to Harvard. The New York Times article was a very public perversion of a shared experience which I see and live and believe completely differently.

And, as was feared when the article first came out, it is indeed sparking suspicion among non-Jews against their Jewish co-workers. Just what we needed. Just what we needed.


Well, on that lovely note . . . have a Shabbat shalom and/or wonderful weekend!

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