Sunday, January 13, 2008

Things my Shaliach never told me

In the States I wasn't a big avocado eater. I liked them a lot, but rarely bought them myself. I considered avocados a delicacy to find in my salad when I went to other people's homes for Shabbat meals.

It is now avocado season, and they are just so yummy here. They are amazing. I have become an avocado fiend. I will do anything for an avocado. Luckily they are available, ripe and delicious, in the little grocery store around the corner.

I scoop out the green yumminess with a spoon and eat it with whole-wheat crackers.

Delicious and filling and oh so good. It makes me so happy.

Funny, that my shaliach never told me about the avocados.

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