Monday, September 08, 2008

Window into my sister's life

My nephew David is about 2 years old. I love talking to him on the phone.

Sarah (on the phone with her sister, Rivka): So then I . . .

Rivka: David! What are you doing?

[Sarah pauses]

David, in background: babble, babble

Rivka: What do you mean, you have yoghurt in your pocket? How did it get there?

David: I don’t know! babble babble

Rivka: Did you put it there on purpose? Did you put yoghurt in the pockets of your shorts?

David: Yeah!

Rivka: Why would you do that?

David: I don’t know! And babble babble babble

Rivka: What do you mean, you put yoghurt in your diaper? Do I have to change your diaper now?

[Sarah starts to laugh.]

Rivka: I have a sister working in a café like a grownup halfway around the world, and she’s laughing at my life.

Sarah: No, I’m laughing at David.

Rivka: Here, David, tell Doda what you did.

David, getting on phone: Doda!

Sarah: Hi, David!

David: babble babble yoghurt babble pocket babble diapah

Sarah: You put yoghurt in your pocket?

David: Yeah!

Sarah: And in your diaper?

David: Yeah!

Sarah: How does that feel?

David: Um . . . um . . . babble babble on poopose

Sarah: Does the yoghurt in your diaper feel good, or bad?

David: Bad! And babble babble Ima change diapah

Sarah: Now your Ima will give you a new diaper?

David: Yeah! Bye!

It occurs to me that cell phones and VOIP have completely changed the nature of knowledge one continues to have about one's family after one moves abroad.

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