Friday, January 09, 2009

A Little Drama

Last night I was in the salon with our weekly guest, Liz. She was playing on her computer and I was preparing a blog post on something fun and silly, to get people's minds off the war, when my roommate, Liza, started saying something from the kitchen that I didn't really listen to.

So she said it more forcefully, and it was along the lines of "something smells funny in here."

Well, dude, it's the kitchen. There are funny smells. I'm busy here. [Don't worry, we get along fine. I was just absorbed in what I was doing.]

Next: "Seriously, guys, there's a weird smell and the fridge is making funny noises. Listen!"

So we listened, and it sounded like the fridge was humming. What's her problem?

I went into the kitchen and indeed it smelled strongly, of some weird gas. And Liza was standing in a cloud! Problem! Whoa!

Like a flash, Liz and I ran around the apartment collecting everyone's laptops (because what else would YOU save if your kitchen was full of some strange gas and you had to leave?), while Liza unplugged the fridge and opened some windows.

We went next door and called the fire department, who said to unplug the fridge and open some windows. Check. Next, call a technician.

Bottom line: I slept at the neighbors last night because our apartment smelled like freon, which by the way is not odorless. Liz and Liza slept in Liza's room (their preference) in their coats because all the windows were open. And a technician is coming in a few hours.

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