Tuesday, February 03, 2009


My students seem like nice, motivated kids so far.

Most photocopying has worked out great. However my kids for today were not able to access all the internet sites with their homework readings. Hm. Must figure, in the next few hours, how to move on in a way that is fair and helps them keep learning (and I must photocopy whatever I need to make up for the situation). Urgh. Things happen.

I've always had a few kids with ADD and ADHD. This year for the first time I have two students with serious reading comprehension problems (dyslexia and such). If they want to keep up with the readings they will probably need a tutor. I can't sit with them and help them with that much homework -- and I wouldn't know how to help them, anyway, because their problems require very specific types of accomadations. I hope they work it out somehow. I feel bad that they have such debilitating problems.

I'm quite overwhelmed with everything on my plate. Papers to grade already from one program, lessons to plan for the other program, a grant proposal to write for one client and five articles for other clients. Do laundry, wash floors, pick up prescriptions, etc etc etc.

Better than being unemployed and bored, I guess!

Gotta run.

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