Thursday, February 12, 2009

Me, this week

Well, let's see. I voted. In the rain. For Likud. Yes, David and Robert, I voted for Likud. Not as far-left as you think I am, huh?

I don't mind publicizing who I voted for, because as it turns out, whoever forms a coalition will have to do it with far-right parties whose platforms I find offensive. So whatever happens, it's not exactly my fault. We're all to blame. (I'm so optimistic, as you can see, about Israel's future.)

I've also been sick this week. I even canceled my classes yesterday, and was so knocked out that I slept through a surprise visit from the landlord.

I know, just know, in my gut, that the man will not renew our lease. He thinks we are annoying and that we don't take proper care of the apartment. He's wrong, and controlling, and absolutely infuriating, but it doesn't matter because it's his property and his right to decide whether to renew. I've even contacted my lawyer and indeed there is nothing we can do but hope that a few weeks from now, when it's time to start talking about renewal, he wakes up and realizes that we are good tenants.

Currently, there are several men in my life who are infuriating or disappointing me, in different ways: Doctor #1, Doctor #2, the Landlord, and the guy I asked on a date who never gave me an answer. If I had a therapist (see disappointment with Doctor #2) I'd be sitting on a couch talking about how men seem to ignore me all the time, or that I can never live up to their expectations. But I currently do not have a therapist, so I guess instead I will stew in bad vibes and generally feel bad about the world in general and men in particular. Because that's healthy, right?

I'm kidding. Sort of.

Oh, also, I have 43 tenth-grade papers to grade, all on the same topic. How thrilling. Thank God they are literate, so it's not so bad.

My saving grace: I'm getting REALLY good at higher-level crossword puzzles. Very exciting.

Well, small pleasures are important!

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