Friday, January 22, 2010

Two Quick Things

It's almost 2 am here, so this will be short.

1) If you were interested in the recent Science Times story about pediatric strokes, you might be moved by the latest blog post by a close friend of mine. Background for those who have not been following her blog (even though it is on my blogroll and you really should be): In November of 2008, her daughter almost died from a raging pneumonia. Then in July 2009, the same daughter had a stroke; she was six years old. Go read.

2) I got into Fiddler! Not any sort of speaking part -- I'm in the "troupe" aka "one of the townspeople" -- but it's good enough for me. Given that 165 people tried out, and there are maybe 50-60 people who got in, and I'd never sung at any sort of audition before, and I haven't been in a play since 10th grade, I'm feeling lucky just to be part of it. I'm happy because my friends R the Female and R the Male also got in (and R the Female actually has a spoken line! Just one, but still!), so I'll know other people at rehearsals.

And, hearty Mazal Tov to my friend Gila, who will be Frumme Sarah!

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