Wednesday, July 28, 2004

You may have noticed that the number in the counter for this site dropped dramatically. That's because I changed my settings on Bravenet, and now the counter ignores my hits to my own blog. Which erased about half the hits at one blow. Oh well.

I was disappointed for a few minutes, but then realized two things:

1. As you know if you've been following my blog, I'm not 100% comfortable about being out here in bloggerland, baring my soul to total strangers. I go back and forth about it, but forge ahead in my little experimental fashion, hoping to find a way to do this that strikes a good balance for me. There are days I wish I was getting hundreds of visitors a day, or thousands. And there are other days when I think about ending the blog, because the over-exposed life makes for weird living. It's like Han Solo said: "Keep your distance, Chewie, but don't make it look like you're keeping your distance." And at a protesting roar from Chewie, he answered "I don't know . . . fly casual." So, I'm flying casual.

2. What my readership lacks in quantity, it makes up for in quality, and I love that. I love that most of the people who stop by here are intelligent, mature folk. I find some of you through the "referrers" page at Bravenet, and even if you don't leave comments for me, I can see some of your blogs, and you are really a great group of people. I love that when I make a mistake, you don't let me get away with it . . . but you also remember that behind this blog is a human being. I love that most of the other blogs that link to me are blogs that I'm proud to be linked from. We're a small group, this little J-Israel-bloggerphile-club, but such a nice one! (Bli ayin hara, poo poo poo)

So, thanks to you all for making me feel warm inside. :-)

And here's a request: It would make me feel even warmer if you'd leave comments! Please, when you stop by, take a moment to sign the guest book so I'll know you were here!

Love you all. Kissy kissy. XOXOXO

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