Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Positive vibes

As the blogosphere turns its eye toward this morning's news, I thought I'd post something a little positive -- not to suggest that this morning's news is not happening, or is not post-worthy, but rather to balance today's negative energy with something a little more happy. Call it the Fiddler on the Roof syndrome; no joy is complete without remembering our sorrow (eg, breaking a glass at a wedding), and no acts of war should continue without having some reason to smile.

So, for those of you who are outside Israel, and are right now very worried about us, I bring you these photos:

The Bamba Baby

This baby is synonymous with Bamba, the peanut butter air-filled snack beloved by Israeli children and children-at-heart. I once saw a child about 18 months old waddle over to this display, tilt her head all the way back so she could see the bags of her favorite food, and say "Baaaaambaaaaa" with awe and love.

Kosher Marshmallows

Those of you who do not keep kosher may not appreciate how incredible it is to be able to find kosher marshmallows in my local grocery store, without having to go to a specialty kosher shop.

Mind you, I don't usually eat marshmallows. But knowing they are there, a short trip around the corner, just warms my heart.

Rock Sculptures

One block over from my house is a beautiful, newly-renovated park and playground. During the day I can enjoy the sun and the quiet on the shaded benches, but in the afternoons these swings and slides are full of little children:

And here are the rock sculptures:


Past the park, I take this shortcut toward Emek Refaim street:

And then, I head on to one of my favorite cafes. It was bombed shortly after I immigrated here, but no one can keep Israelis from their food. It's almost always bustling.

Here are some Ethiopian-Israeli girls celebrating their bat mitzvah

Keep Smiling

It's Israel

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