Monday, March 10, 2008

Crazy, Life-Affirming Day

Yesterday was insane. The school in which I teach called me: Another English teacher had resigned without notice, and could I start teaching one of her classes in addition to my own? Like, in a couple of hours?

I'm happy to help, and the kids are great, but . . . this is crazy.

And last night I spent 6 hours at an incredibly fun and very beautiful wedding. It seemed that every single person I know (I mean, every unmarried person I know) from Old Katamon was there, in addition to many couples I like a lot. It was fantastic. I danced up a storm.

Meanwhile I have a 3,000-word article to finish. I'm feeling some anxiety about it, but seeing the editor at the wedding last night - and doing the Twist with her - helped!

But the craziest part happened after my classes, when I went to buy a coffee on the way home and discovered that my wallet was missing. I realized that before class I'd sat on a bench outside the school to eat a sandwich - and had left my wallet there. Trying to stay calm, I retraced my steps and went back to the bench, but the wallet was gone. I took a deep breath and decided to wait a little bit before panicking or canceling my credit cards, because in my experience people who lose their wallets usually get them back intact.

I called the voicemail at my house, and sure enough an elderly-sounding gentleman had left a message saying "My name is _____ Rosenberg. I have what appears to be your wallet with your credit cards and identity papers - call me so you can pick it up." Turned out he lived only a few blocks away, so I walked over there and got my wallet back. Indeed he is an older, refined man who lives in a sunny apartment with his wife and lots of books. I offered him 100 shekels, which he refused. I said "you can put it in a tzedaka box." He said "YOU can put it in a tzedaka box." I thanked him profusely and left.

The wallet had EVERYTHING still inside. I'm planning to make a donation to Tafkid and ask them to send Mr. Rosenberg a card saying that it was made in his honor.

After what happened in Jerusalem last week, it's nice to have a day that is crazy - in a good way.

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