Tuesday, April 08, 2008

For Pete's Sake

I haven't even finished unpacking my suitcase from England, and I now I have to pack everything I own and get it out of here on time to move out by May 1. Totally overwhelming. A good problem to have, but still sort of a problem since I am too overwhelmed to know how to solve it. In some ways, it's fantastic that I'm moving around Pesach time, because Liza and I have agreed simply not to bring any chametz into the new place -- perfect -- but meanwhile it means I can't, for example, pack up all my kitchen gear and bring it to the new place. So what to do with it meanwhile?

Someone who is interested in moving in after May 1 is coming on Friday to look at the place, and meanwhile everything I own is out on the floor. Everything. To get from one end of the apartment to another involves stepping around a complicated maze of boxes, bins, suitcases and just . . . random stuff everywhere. Because, seriously? I really don't know what to do right now with my Thanksgiving decorations, or my vacuum cleaner, or my sticker collection from when I was in elementary school.

In other news, this morning the air-raid siren went off -- yes, in Jerusalem -- and at first I freaked out. And then I went to sit in the only place in the apartment that is not in the direct line of a window. And then I remembered that today they had scheduled an air-raid drill.

Oh. OK.

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