Thursday, April 03, 2008

Moving Right Along

Thanks to everyone who wrote to me with comments re: my singles article. The response so far has been gratifying, with pretty much everyone saying that the story is sad, but well-researched and well-written. That's all a journalist can ask for!

A few things going on with me . . .

1- Last week I went to London for the first time. Did you know that Europe is much closer to Israel than it is to the States? :-) I plunked down $900 and got a round-trip 5-hour flight and 3 nights in a really nice hotel in exchange. I love Daka-90! After being sick twice this winter and losing an apartment I'd been planning to buy, I was in desperate need of a vacation, and I got it. Tower of London (amazing!), Madame Tussaud's (amazing!), the rebuilt Shakespeare's Globe Theater (amazing!), a play in Leicester Square ("The Mousetrap" by Agatha Christie, the world's longest-running play. Amazing!), a bus tour (great!), and dinner in Golder's Green with my roommate from Michlalah, whom I haven't seen for about 15 years. I think that last was the most meaningful; it turns out that, though the details are different, our lives have taken similar paths, with both of us moving around a lot, switching careers, getting higher degrees, and really taking advantage of the time "given" us by being single - though regretting being single. Nice to know I'm not a freak!

2- My friend Lisa (who, actually, is going by her Hebrew name, Liza-- that's LEEZA) finally got out of her lease at the Hebrew University dorms, so we have begun the search for a new apartment! I've seen two places and both were great, actually. Liza is planning to come to Old Katamon tomorrow to check them out too, and hopefully by Sunday we'll have firm plans to move! Woo hoo!

3- In somewhat bad news, I'm going through something of a religious crisis. Nothing new here, it happens every few years. What kind of Jew would I be if I didn't do some questioning every once in a while? But it sucks while I'm going through it. Really, really sucks.

That having been said, I'm basically doing OK. Feeling refreshed from my trip and looking forward to getting out of my little studio and having a porch, and a living room, and some company. NOT looking forward to packing, but come to think of it, pre-Pesach cleaning and packing can go together a little and I'll kill two birds with one stone.

Oh, and

4- I love my teaching job! We're studying Amos Oz's A Tale of Love and Darkness, and it's a truly engrossing read, and my students are very engaged and motivated. Such a pleasure!

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