Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Live Blogging the Election

6:00 am: FOX has called the election for Obama!
If FOX was willing to call it for Obama at this point, well, I feel it's safe for me to go to sleep now.
I just want to say:
Congratulations to all Obama supporters, especially the campaign volunteers. Obama ran a very good campaign.
Applause for Senator McCain, who is a good man and a respectable man.
Congratulations to everyone who voted for being part of the democratic process.
Kudos to all Americans for supporting a peaceful transfer of power - even if it's to someone you do not support.
Congratulations to black Americans. I'm really happy for you! This is so cool!
Condolences to staunchly conservative blogger Robert Avrech. I look forward to reading complaints about the government on your blog for the next four years (sort of . . . I hope you write a lot more about movies, and about Ariel).
God bless America!
Good night.


5:51 am: Well, given how many votes have gone to Obama, and how many seats are going to the Dems in both the Senate and the House, I think one thing is clear (or as clear as it can be when I've been up all night): American have just sent a very loud message to George W. Bush about what they think of him.

Obviously there is more going on than just that, but I'm too tired to think straight about it.

5:40 am: FOX just called Virginia for Obama. One of the announcers said "Game Over." I hear people cheering in the background.

Sleep or awake? Sleep or awake?


5:34 am: Obama is sweeping the swing states. Part of me wants to go to sleep, and part of me is really curious about which way Florida will go.

Also, there are referendums I'm watching . . . or would be, if results were in and if I could find them . . . three states are voting about restricting abortions (South Dakota, Colorado, California); four states are voting about various issues relating to gay marriage (Florida, Arkansas, Arizona, California); and two states (Nebraska and Colorado) are voting on affirmative action. Those are exciting issues! I want to know what happens!

I'm streaming FOX news while also checking and On FOX they are talking about Palin: What she'll do next, and how mismanaged she was by the McCain campaign. They are saying that they should have let her talk more and make her case, rather than let Tina Fey make a case for her. (or against her, as the case may be).

Interesting scenario they are bringing up: Stevens is booted out of the Senate, and Palin, back to being governor of Alaska, appoints herself to replace him. Then Palin and Hillary Clinton will have to see each other every day in the Senate. Wierd.


5:00 am: Even the cautious NY Times is calling Ohio for Obama. This is starting to get boring. Oh, for the days in 2000 when it was neck-and-neck all night!

I do note that the popular vote is evenly split between BO and JM. America is still a divided country, even if it seems that Obama is winning easily. The electoral system is so ridiculous (though I acknowledge it has its benefits). Too tired to think about that right now. My bed calls to me . . .


4:52 am: FOX and CNN are calling Ohio for Obama. If they're right, as far as I'm concerned this is all over and I may as well go to sleep.

You might be wondering who I want to win . . . well, maybe I'll tell you, and maybe I won't . . . but for now let's put it this way: If Obama wins, I'll think it's really neat that the US has gotten to the point, socially, where a black man can become President. And if McCain wins, I'll think it's neat that we have a female Vice President (even though I can't stand the woman and I cringe every time I watch her talk).

Regarding their policies and fitness to lead, maybe I'll write about that some other time. Or maybe not.

I've been posting updates at the bottom of my last post, but am thinking it would be better to create a new space for the live election blogging, and post new stuff up top.

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