Sunday, February 12, 2006

New baby, Barnard, and feminism: A stream of consciousness

Mazal tov to my old college chums, Jeremy and Chana Senderowicz of Riverdale, NY, on the birth last week of a daughter, Gila Hadassah. Welcome to the new Columbia baby.

Speaking of Columbia, last week I met another Pardes student who was a recent Columbia grad. He said something about "the goal of all Barnard girls is to get married before they graduate." I said "someday when you are working for me, you'll regret having said that."

He redeemed himself by saying that he fully acknowledges that he probably WILL be working for me, or some other Barnard grad, someday, and that as far as he is concerned, Barnard is a MUCH better school than Columbia (which it is). I think he called himself a "secret Barnard sympathizer."

Good. That's the way we like it.

And speaking of Barnard, which reminds me of rabid feminism . . . Someone has been writing crazy "femdom" messages on bus stations and walls all over the German Colony. "Every man kneeling at the feet of a woman." "Femdom forever." One message to the effect that the world can only be good if it is led exclusively by women.

My reaction: Geez, I was exposed to enough of this in college. Do we really need to rehash this now? Can I go home?

Sheesh. Femdom is soooooo mid-90's.

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