Sunday, September 03, 2006

Mini Blogger Bash at Baby's Simchat Bat

Try saying that five times fast!

So, I've been following this anonymous blog, Dot Co Dot Il, and have been waiting with bated breath for the birth of the author's first baby.

Having now seen the baby's picture and read the intimate details of her birth, I was pleased to see that the blogger had invited his readers to come over to the "simchat bat," a little party on Friday night to welcome his daughter into the world.

I don't know this guy from Adam, and in fact did not know whether his real name might be Adam, or what. But I sent him an email asking for his address, and on Friday night, after dinner, walked over to his apartment, came through the door, and said to the crowd who were now all looking at me "hi, um, I'm Chayyei Sarah. Um, which of you are the hosts?" Pretty awkward, that.

The baby and mommy were still in the hospital, but I got to meet Dot Co Dot Il, and his in-laws, and some of his friends, which was all very nice. And, as a bonus, I met Ahuva, aka Sabra at Heart! I've been following her blog, and must say that in real life she is every bit as interesting and bubbly as her website. Her first question to me was "so, do you have a new air conditioner yet?" Mind, we'd never met. The whole thing is so weird, in a good way.

Such interesting people we meet, thanks to the blogosphere!

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