Saturday, March 01, 2008

Carrie Moment

I had dinner at The Coffee Mill, a wee little coffee shop snuggled between an ice cream store and a soap shop on Emek Refaim. I was meeting a Barnard Junior who is spending the semester at Hebrew University. The place is adorned from floor to ceiling with framed covers of The New Yorker, and has excellent sandwiches, gourmet teas, and of course lattes. And wireless internet. I often go there with my laptop and write articles with one hand while sipping cappucino with the other. It is warm and comfortable.

Samantha Moment

After my Barnard connection left, I took my laptop to Tal Bagels, where I am very much a regular.

When I got there, the guard had just prevented two young men from going in, since he wasn't sure there were any free tables. The hostess came outside, saw me, and said to the guys "Sorry, gentlemen, we only have a table for one." She ushered me in ahead of them and led me to my favorite spot in the back, where an empty table for 4 became all mine.

It may not be a hot bar in Manhattan, but that was so cool.

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