Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Last-Minute PSA

I forgot to post this earlier! I hope it helps at this late hour...

The days before Passover always bring a rise, in Jewish areas, in the number of people who go to the Emergency Room with burns -- especially children. People have their ovens and burners on to "kasher," are spilling boiling water over counters and sinks, boiling dishes, cooking up a storm, burning chametz, etc. -- and then there is also the danger from the candles used for "bedikah" and, when families join together for the holiday, from all the candles lit on tables the first
two nights.

This is a gentle reminder to BE CAREFUL!

- Keep small children out of the kitchen during the kashering process and while you are cooking.

- Doctors also recommend putting tape on the floor around the oven and telling children they may not cross the tape.

- Adults, too, should be very careful when handling pots and pots of boiling water.

- Be careful not to leave toxic cleansers out where kids can get at them, and not to create toxic chemical brews (never mix bleach with ammonia!!!)

- Watch children carefully during the burning of the chametz, and burn chametz in controlled environment so that sparks cannot set fire to nearby bushes, grass, etc.

- If small children are in the house, do not light candles on a tablecloth that can be pulled from the floor.

- Do not light candles near curtains

- Speak with a rabbi about using a flashlight for certain parts of bedikat chametz, such as under beds and in closets.

- If you are hosting guests for the holiday, make sure everyone staying in your home knows where ALL the exits are from the house.

May everyone have a kosher, joyous, and safe holiday!

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