Saturday, March 20, 2010

Patting Myself on the Back - now updated! Again!

What Liza and I have accomplished in Pesach cleaning:

*Pantry (aka Hermione's Purse) - DONE
*Fridge - STARTED
*Bathroom - DONE
*Bookshelves - DONE
*My desk- STARTED
*Left side of my room - DONE
*My backpack - DONE

Update Sunday, March 21:
*Fridge- DONE
*Stovetop- DONE (not yet kashered)
*Oven - DONE (not yet kashered)
*Kosher for Passover Cat Food - BOUGHT

Update Monday, March 22:

*Kitchen cabinets - DONE
*Stovetop - KASHERED
*Dairy counter - KASHERED
*Other counters, table - CLEAN, not yet kashered
*My left closet- DONE
*Washing Station - STARTED

I leave for the States on Tuesday night (alas, stopping only in Cleveland), and it wouldn't be fair to leave all the cleaning for my roommate (who will be here for the holiday), so we got a bigger head start than last year.

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