Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Goodbye, New York. Hello, Jerusalem.

Well, this is it. My flight leaves from Kennedy airport at 9 pm. I have mixed feelings about going back. On one hand, I've had such a good time seeing people in America and soaking in the atmosophere of Manhattan, which I'd missed so much. And going back to Israel, I'll have to confront things like, oh, work.

On the other hand, all my plans for the UYO seminar I'm planning for July 27-29 in Jerusalem have been on the back-burner for two months, and now I can finally start implementing the final logistics. I'm so excited about this program- but that's for another post.

To all those who have been calling me on Craig's cell phone: I'm FedExing it back to him in an hour or two, so call now or forever hold your peace! (or at least wait until I get back to Israel and plug in my VOIP phone again)

Thanks to everyone who made time to see me during my trip, and my apologies to those I did not have a chance to see.

See you in the Holy Land.

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