Saturday, May 07, 2005

It is so hard, coming to New York for a limited amount of time, and having about 3 gazillion people that I want to see. When I was last here, in October, I made myself insane running around for lunch dates and dinner dates so I could have "one-on-one" face time with each of my 300 nearest and dearest friends. This time, I decided to give up and not make myself insane, and simply schedule a time when everyone can come and see me. Meanwhile, I have seen a few friends, carefully chosen for various reasons, and it's been very nice. In particular, I have spent Shabbat with Formerly Lubavitch Friend, the one who made my trip to NY possible, and it's been so warm and beautiful. I love my friends!

Meanwhile, I'm getting a little nervous about going back to my "real life" in Israel. I've spent so much time in the USA recently, I hardly know whether I'm coming or going. The thought of going back for a huge stretch, not knowing when I'll see my family again, or any of my friends in the US, is very hard. I think it's easier to stay in Israel and not tease myself with these brief sojourns in chutz la'aretz . . .

Anyhow, back to Star Wars. Has anyone else noticed the smoking photo of Hayden Christensen on the cover of GQ? And the James Dean-like photos inside the magazine? Oh. My. Gahd. He is hot. Hot. HAAAAAAHHHHHT. The smile says "impish" but the eyes say "dark and intense." Someone turn on the air conditioner in here.

And yes, that is Natalie Portman on the cover of W. Lord, what did they do to her hair? Note her observations about life in Israel in the interview. Also note that she is 5'3" and wears a size ZERO. I now hate her. If everyone's darling wears a size zer0, there is no chance for me. I may as well quit and become a hermit.

Tomorrow, I go to the wedding of Doron Levin and Rachael Brickman. For the record: They met at my Shabbat table. Is this a segulah? Only time will tell.

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