Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The sacrifices I make for God

I'm crying.

The new Star Wars movie debuts in one hour, and I am sitting at home, not planning to see it for another four whole days.

You know why? Because . . . sniff sniff . . . I have something I value even more than Star Wars . . . I know, it's so embarrassing and wrong but . . . well, it's just a movie and AAAAAAGH DID I REALLY JUST WRITE THAT and . . . and . . . well, it's the Omer, people. And my custom is not to see movies until Lag BaOmer.

Waaaah . . . .

Don't start telling me that it's a stupid custom that no one follows outside of New York and Baltimore. Let's not get into the fact that I lost count of the Omer on the second night, or that almost none of my friends care that much about this being a mourning period. Let's not talk about the fact that there are much, much more serious Jewish traditions that I have not been upholding lately.

The fact remains, if I see the movie tonight, I'll be doing a not-my-Jewish-custom thing, and I'd feel guilty.

WAAAAAAAAH!!!! Gilly is going to see the movie in one hour and wrote in my comments that he hopes he'll see me there, but he won't! I won't be there! All the serious fans will be there, if not tonight than tomorrow, and I'm missing it! For four days! I waited four days to see Episode I and by then I was the only one in costume! No one who is serious waits four days! Except us froomy-doomy people! The religious fanatics! I'm a fan and a fanatic! It's a horrible, horrible conflict.

This is terrible. Don't laugh. I'm really in pain here. It's killing me. I'm going to die. By Sunday, I'm going to positively bust from the anguish.

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