Monday, May 30, 2005

"The Weekend That Changed My Life Forever"

Well, here it is, thanks to my good friend AnotherNYJew, a link to the article I once published about the course I'm "importing" to Jerusalem at the end of July. This article appeared in Figure magazine, and explains how the course works (or at least, gives a taste), the theories behind it, and information about its history and availability.

This is by far the most personal article I've ever published. In fact, I've been a bit apprehensive about putting it on the internet. When Figure first asked me to write it, I thought "well, no one I know reads that magazine anyway, so who cares how personal it is?" But now, you see, here we are; I'm importing the program to Israel, and I want all you wonderful blog readers to understand what it is that I'm doing (so that you will either attend, or donate money to help me do it). So there you go. I'm exposing myself in hopes that doing so will lead to more people being able to come to the class, because I believe it's very important.

Please note, regarding the "negiah" inherent in some of the activities described in the article, that

a) I will not comment on whether I'm "shomer negiah" outside of UYO. The course is a very specific environment, and I'm not addressing what happens in the rest of my personal life, one way or the other. That's my beezwax! :-) and

b) The course in Jerusalem will be run in such a way that people who are shomer Shabbos, kashrut, negiah, etc will be able to keep all their halachic requirements without any pressure, to whatever extent they/we like. Certain exercises will be modified to allow for a wide array of religious practices.

Oh, and no, that is not my photo at the beginning of the article. It's a stock image found by the editor. I do think it goes perfectly with the feeling I'm trying to convey, though.

I'm interested in hearing what you all think about the story. UYO really has changed my life, very much for the better. I hope you'll agree that it can't hurt to spread a little love and compassion around these here parts. Let me know.

If you live in Israel and want to attend UYO in Jerusalem from July 27-29, please contact me at To help an Israeli attend "Understanding Yourself and Others," make out a (big) check to "American Friends of Holistic Healing." Write "for UYO" in the memo section and mail it to American Friends of Holistic Healing, 10 Harvard Street, Reading, MA 01867. Those who donate at least $100 will receive the official Hebrew-lettered t-shirt from the course. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

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