Friday, November 24, 2006

Things I haven't blogged about because I've been too busy

1. All the fascinating tourist sites I saw with Beth and Eric. I tagged along with them for much of their touring, knowing I'd see things that I normally wouldn't take the time to see for myself. We had a 9-hour walking tour of the Old City, and I took them to the shuk, and we went to Yad Vashem. It was so interesting, not just because of everything I saw and experienced myself, but because it was intriguing to see these sites through the eyes of two non-Jews who had never been to Israel before. I have so much to say, and no time to explain it all!

2. Why, yes, I've been leaning a smidge more to the right politically lately, but I'm still bugged by all the hypocrisy I see coming out of the right-wing. Just because people have a point doesn't mean that they aren't also being intellectually dishonest. Too much to say, no time to say it. Ugh!

3. Excuse me, why didn't anyone tell me until last week that Britney and K-Fed are getting divorced? Don't you care about me at all? How could you let me stay in the dark like that? I'm so upset that I did not know this.

4. I went to a meeting of volunteers for the Halachic Organ Donation Society. I have a list of ideas/projects I promised to implement, and now that UYO is over I'm going to start working on that commitment. What? You don't have an organ donor card? Well, get thee to the HODS website! or any other organ donor card distributor! But most importantly, inform your family of your wish to be an organ donor should the possibility ever unfortunately arise.

5. Via Manolo, I have been mesmerized by the many clips on You Tube from a show that recently aired in the USA called "Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team," about the 3-day audition process for becoming one of "America's Sweethearts." Once you start watching, you get sucked in and can't get out. I simply cannot wrench myself away. Do I feel condescending? Or jealous? I'm not sure. Be scared. Be very scared. (And, men who do not want to watch scantily clad women, do NOT click on these links.)

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And, as an extra value, here is Double-Jointed Guy. Be scared.

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