Sunday, December 31, 2006

Need computer help? We got that.

So sorry I haven't posted for a few days. I have a sick amount of work to do. (Thank God. Mostly.)

And in the middle of all that work, my computer stopped connecting to the internet.

Let me say this again. My computer would not connect to the internet. Not to wireless, not by cable. Not at my house, not in an internet cafe. Not with Firefox, and not with Explorer.

Disaster! Utter, complete, professional disaster!

Luckily, there were three companies that quickly came to my rescue. And I mean QUICKLY. Took my phone calls and helped me right away, in English. Paid house calls. Worked with each other to make everything go faster. They were a dream. So I'm going to tell you how to reach them, in case you ever need their services.

My first call was to Daniel Zahavi-Asa of Zahavi Net, Ltd. Daniel set up my at-home network many months ago, and when I called to tell him what was happening, he walked me through various tests on the phone. As always he was very professional and thorough, and though he couldn't fix the problem this time, he's always a pleasure to talk to. And he recommended that I call Judah at Laptop Center (see below). Daniel can be reached at 057. 726. 5175.

Judah Hauser is the Sales and Service Director at Laptop Center Computers Ltd ("Parts, Repair & Upgrade services for Laptop Computers"). He charged me a very reasonable price for fixing my computer's problem, which turned out to be corrupted software. He also tweaked a few things that helps my computer run faster now. But best of all, when he heard where I live, he arranged for Yair at IL Wireless (see below) to come get my computer for me and bring it to Judah's office, so that I wouldn't have to shlep to Har Chotzvim. And, when he was done fixing the computer, he personally brought it back to my house! And he was so nice! Thanks, Judah! 1-700-50-00-60.

Finally, we have the truly awesome Yair Solow of IL Wireless ("communication solutions"), who rented me a laptop PC to use while mine was in the Hauser Hospital. Yair lives nearby and came over to bring me the rental and take my broken computer, so he could give it to Judah the next day (apparently their offices are next door to each other - how convenient). The rental terms were very reasonable, and Yair proved to be both flexible and professional. The next time you are in Jerusalem and want to rent a laptop, call Yair. 052.384. 0257.

It's such a pleasure to reward good service with a little publicity on my blog. I sincerely was amazed by the extra lengths all three of these people go to in order to please their customers. Kol hakavod to all of them.

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