Monday, December 13, 2004

Singles Shabbaton Part 13: These are the people in your neighborhood . . .

Friday, 10:45 pm

I’m in the breakfast room, making tea. Two older ladies from the Shabbaton walk in and ask me where I’m from.

One of them says “Oh, you are from America! I have a son who lives in Miami!"

Chayyei Sarah: Oh, there is a man in the Shabbaton from Miami.

Lady: Really? He’s here from Miami?

CS: Well, he made aliyah, and now lives in Safed.

Lady: So, he’s going back?

Chayyei Sarah: No, he immigrated. He made aliyah.

Lady: When did he immigrate?

CS: Two months ago.

Lady: And where does he live?

CS: Safed.

Lady: How long has he lived there?

CS: Two months.

Lady: So he’s going back?

CS: No, he immigrated. He’s not going back except maybe to visit.

Lady: So he’s here on a visit?

CS [thinking to herself]: Who’s on first.

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