Monday, October 10, 2005

Pretty in Pink

Several weeks ago I posted pictures of sandals I'd bought that week, including a fancy white Italian pair with a wedge heel. I've been wearing that white pair every single Shabbat, all summer, and it crossed my mind that they won't last long that way. If I get another white pair for Shabbat and rotate them and otherwise take good care of them, then my shoes will last much longer. And if I buy it now, I can get it on sale since it is the end of the summer season, and that way next summer I'll have a new pair of shoes. (Yes, I know, this is an incredibly JAPpy topic for a post. Note to Anne in New York: Sue me.)

So last night I headed to the mall with Beth and her three little kids so that we could all go shoe shopping: Baby Sophie got her first pair of shoes ever (so adorable: little white ones with pink flowers. She stood there smiling and looking at her feet, afraid to move but clearly tickled at these new funny things on her feet), Eli and I had a marvelous time watching the glass elevator go up and down, and I scoured the mall in vain for white sandals that looked good on me, had a heel that wouldn't kill me, and came in my size. No luck.

But I did find these. Couldn't resist them. They are on my feet right now.

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