Sunday, October 02, 2005

Thank God for Kinja,

the wonderful site that informs me when all my favorite blogs are updated, for letting me know that after being inactive for over 3 months, Nice Jewish Girl has written not one but two new posts, and they are both very interesting (particularly the second -- glad to see someone has good news in the dating world). Warning: Some of the information is a little, uh, graphic. Squeamish and very religious people, beware.

And as long as we're on the topic of "blogs I wish were updated more often" (see my blogroll to the right), my sister has also written several new posts lately. I'm glad she has a blog. I find out so much information I never would have known otherwise. For example, I never knew she was such an angry feminist. And here I'm the Barnard alumna!

A little update about me: I had a nice Shabbat at the home of old friends, and came home to emails from two different editors offering me work. One story is due before Yom Kippur and the other on November 1st. It's always nice when the editors come to me, instead of my having to hustle for income. I hope this bodes well for the upcoming new year.

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