Sunday, May 09, 2004

From the Things My Shaliach Never Told Me file:

I'm in lactose-intolerant heaven!

In the U.S., I subsisted on Vanilla Rice Dream rather than milk.

In Israel, I've been using imported Vanilla Rice Dream when I happen to find it in the store, or a not-as-tasty German version when the Rice Dream is elusive. And it's not like Rice Dream is so great, so the German version really leaves a lot to be desired.

Over the weekend, someone mentioned that Tenuva, the big dairy-product company in Israel, makes a line of Soy-based drinks in plain, vanilla, or banana flavors. I'd never seen them because I always sort of skipped over the milk section of the store.

Well, today I tried "Tenuva So." Vanilla. And . . . it's incredibly delicious. It tastes like a vanilla milk shake. And . . . it has the same number of Weight Watchers Points as Rice Dream. And . . . since it's Israeli, it is cheaper than Rice Dream, and by buying it I'm supporting an Israeli company. And . . . I can find it in any Israeli supermarket.

Heaven, I'm in heaven . . . .

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