Monday, May 03, 2004

I'm trying to get work done, but can't stop thinking about Tali Hatuel, who was killed yesterday with her four daughters at close range by Arab terrorists.

Also, about David Hatuel, who woke up this morning completely alone, his entire family -- his wife and all of his children-- gone for good.

What really angers me about this is that her killers claim this was revenge for the assassinations of Rantisi and Yassin, as if that makes it all right.

On what planet is there an equivalence between targeting known terrorists (and, I might add, the Israeli army had previously given up other opportunities to kill them because they were surrounded by "civilian" family members) and shooting at a random car, going over to see who is inside, and, finding a pregnant woman and four little girls, shooting them each at close range?

The PA allows this to go on, and we're supposed to negotiate with these people? On what planet does that make sense?

One can argue over whether the Hatuel family should have been living in Gush Katif to begin with. Many might make a legitimate argument that they had no right to do so. But even if so, their biggest crime was building a house where they shouldn't have. For this a 34-year-old woman and her four little girls deserve to die?

Lovely neighbors, we have here . . . I'm sure there are those among them who are reading their newspapers today and are thinking "that poor woman." Or at least "those stupid terrorists, we'll never have our own state if this keeps up." I just wish there were more of them, and that they were more vocal.

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