Friday, July 02, 2004

I just wanted to share with you that even now, 19 years later, I still remember all the words to the Color War song for my team at Camp Dexter.

Each team was a different country. I was in Scotland. This was our song (note that Camp Dexter has an "Upper Field" and a "Lower Field" . . . Ah, the memories of rolling down the green green grass, with narry a care . . . )

(to the tune of Loch Lomond)

We are Scottish lads, and we are Scottish lassies
And we are proud we're from Scotland!
Oh we'll play our best
Our Spirit says the rest
On the bonnie, bonnie fields of Mount Wally.

Oh, you take the high field and we'll take the low field
And Scotland will be victorious!
Our Teamwork and Spirit will help us win the games.
On the bonnie, bonnie fields of Mount Wally.

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