Wednesday, July 07, 2004

This is so weird. As soon as today's little earthquake happened, I posted a note to the effect that "you heard it here first; we just had another earthquake." Blogger told me that it had been successfully posted. But obviously they were wrong.

In any case . . . we had another earthquake! Cool! Not nearly as big as the last one, but still cool. The reason it was cool instead of scary is that this time I knew what it was while it was happening, so instead of thinking "Oh my God, a boiler just exploded" or "Oh my God there was a terrorist attack," I was like "Coolio! An earthquake! Check out the chair and desk shakey action!"

Typically, within seconds the local radio station was interviewing Israelis about the really intense drama this tiny earthquake brought to their lives. Like I've said before, Israelis deserve to be naive about something; so let them think that a 5-on-the-Richter earthquake is a big deal. They don't get to be naive about much else.

***UPDATE*** As soon as this posted, the previous message posted. Whatever!

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