Thursday, July 08, 2004

I've always hated hip-hop "music." I refuse to even acknowledge it as a musical genre. And now I hate it even more.

The best part: When Tamer Nafar, a Palestinian rapper, tells the NY Times that "My lyrics are with peace . . . . The question is which peace. Before you reach peace, you've got to have equality. I'm with peace, but I'm against the Zionism."

Well, news flash: Israel's existence is based on Zionism. What this kid is saying is "I'm with peace, but I don't think Israel has the right to exist." Someone take brownie points away from the reporter for not following up with a harder-hitting question about that, or for asking the founder of the concert which forms the topic of the article how a venue in which a bunch of Jews and Palestinians attack Israel's position, but no one seems to be attacking terrorism, has a message of "openness and peace."

Actually, those last two words weren't in quotation marks, so I guess Ben Sisario believes that this was the message of the concert.

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