Tuesday, April 05, 2005


I get to go on a business trip! I am the happening freelance writer! I have a client for whom I do marketing writing (yes, it is a sad thing for a reporter to have to do marketing writing, but one must pay the bills somehow - and no, I no longer write journalism stories about this client, since it would be a conflict of interests. At least it's a non-profit organization doing things that are nicey-nicey helpful-to-society things, so it's pleasant).

I'm writing about four things going on in the north of the country. So today I pack my bags and head for Haifa. Then I'll sleep at a hotel there, and tomorrow I'll go to Shlomi and Acco. No, I did not know where Shlomi was either until I looked at a map. Basically, if I were going any further north, I'd be in Lebanon. I kid you not.

Hence, the hotel stay. Luckily I'd arranged with this client to pay me waaaaay extra if I have to travel more than one hour away from Jerusalem, so it covers the costs of the travel. I'm coming out pretty well on this trip, actually.

Think this is glamorous? Yeah, mm hm. Remember, I do not have a car, nor an Israeli driver's license with which to rent one. So here is my itinerary:

Taxi to Central Bus Station
Bus to Tel Aviv
Train to Haifa
Site visit in Haifa
Find dinner somewhere, check into hotel

Train to Nahariya
Van service to Shlomi
Three site visits in Shlomi, probably walking around with all my stuff
Van to train
Train to Acco
Taxi to site
Site visit in Acco
Taxi to train
Train to Tel Aviv
Bus to Jerusalem
Taxi home

My sister's advice: Remember to pack dramamine. :-(

Someone please tell me when the train extension to Jerusalem is opening. I can't wait!!!

Basically, I'm really excited to be getting out of Jerusalem, but not so excited that this is all a last-minute adventure and involves so much shlepping. All things considered though, it's not a bad way to make money.

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