Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The New Pope

I will leave it to other bloggers to write long, complicated, nuanced posts analyzing the history of the new Pope and his possible future impact on the world and particularly on the Jews and Israel.

For me, my first reaction upon hearing the news was: He is German? And he is how old? So in 1945 he was . . . let's see . . . hm, right, I see.

Then I open the newspaper and see the words "Hitler youth," and it's over for me.

Is this a nuanced approach? No. If I were writing about this for a paper I'd have a lot more things to say on issues like abortion, women's rights, Catholic relations with Muslims, poverty in Africa, etc etc. But this is my blog, and how I really feel is: Hitler youth. Nothing else to say.

No, I cannot just "get past it." Hitler killed my family.

A 78-year-old German is Pope. Great.

Lord, make it go away!


All right, all right, I was wrong. I stand corrected.


Thanks to all the people who fed me the delicious crow. :-)

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