Monday, April 04, 2005

Me and the Kiddies

I am such a good friend. :-) One of my close gal pals is in America to be there for her mother who is sick, and left behind two children ages 2 and 3 with her husband. Last night the husband had to work late, so guess who babysat? Yep, Aunt Sarah. I shlepped in the pouring rain, with nothing but my Harry Potter umbrella and my laptop (praying to God that the computer-backpack that Craig-the-awesome gave me is waterproof), to pick up the kiddies from school, play with them, give them dinner, read them stories, and put them to bed. I changed diapers. I poured juice. I read "The Little Engine that Could." I refereed fights. I stuck a DVD in the DVD player. I danced with "The Wiggles."A good time was had by all. I was exhausted afterward.

Cute kiddie moment: Just as we were leaving the day-care center with the double stroller, it stopped raining. I was so relieved because I did not see a plastic sheet to put over the kids. I said, as I pushed them home, "isn't it nice of Hashem to make it stop raining just as we were walking home?"

Said three-year-old: "Hashem is a very nice man."

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